Mid-term Pu-erh tea price

Generally speaking, the medium-term Pu-erh tea price are related to the cost. The cost of Pu-erh tea includes planting cost, packaging cost, brand value and so on. Tea farmers in the tea village grow tea and pick fresh leaves. The processing of Pu-erh tea requires the participation of machines and artisans. At the circulation stage, freight will be generated. At the packaging stage, exquisite packaging and pleasing copywriting will require human and material resources. These are the costs of tea.

However, Pu-erh tea price is special because everyone feels different about tea. This is a diverse market, with all grades of tea available. Tea is not worth the price, everyone has different opinions. There is no established standard for the pricing of tea. Some tea friends are more rational, they will consider the pricing of other tea products. Some tea friends find value for money when they meet their own taste.

The origin, variety and growth environment of Pu-erh tea will affect the taste of tea. Pu-erh tea price with a unique flavor may be more popular. From a technical point of view, improving tea-making technology, cultivating excellent tea varieties, and making tea soup more delicious, this should be the direction of tea people. Of course, tea culture also adds color to the Pu-erh tea world, making people have more topics when drinking Pu-erh.

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