Three tips to judge Laobanzhang Puerh

Speaking of Laobanzhang Puerh, everyone is no stranger, how to identify Puerh tea? Don’t worry, check out the following article! Is helpful to you!
First is the distinction between the appearance, aroma and taste.
It is generally considered that tea with large and golden buds, heavy bitterness, and light astringency is the “Laobanzhang Puerh”. This is a one-sided understanding. Laobanzhang Puerh tea has large buds and thin buds. Its taste includes bitter tea, astringent tea, sweet tea. In fact, ” Laobanzhang Puerh tea”, whether it is bitter tea, astringent tea, sweet tea, as long as it is ancient tree tea, has a unique “Banzhang flavor”:
1. It has a unique fragrance. Laobanzhang Puerh ancient tree’s fragrance of drying Puerh tea is not very public. It smells like a honey-like fragrance. The same is true of the bottom of the tea. The cold smell is thick and long-lasting.
2. The taste of the product is heavy, but this heavy taste is not represented by the bitterness, but a compound type. There is a certain bitterness, and the sweetness of the tea can be felt at the entrance. The change in the level is very obvious .
3. It has a particularly good feeling. In short, the cold cup has a thick and long-lasting aroma, and the taste is heavy. The bitter and astringent taste melts in the mouth, the taste is harmonious, the flavor is rich, the foam resistance is high, and it is strong and lasting.
Second is the price discrimination.
According to the study of ancient trees tea in LaoBanzhang, there are 78555 ancient tea trees, all of which are artificially cultivated. The age of the tea trees varies from seven to eight hundred years to one and two hundred years (of which there are 9412 and 500 trees over 800 years old). There were 27,664 trees over the year, 33,810 trees over the age of 200, and 7,669 trees over the age of 100). With an annual output of about 40 tons of ancient tree tea, about 8 tons of small tree tea. The real Laobanzhang Puerh spring tea does not exceed 10 tons per season.
The third is the distinction between the original ecology of the place of origin.
It is necessary to make a conceptual distinction between ” Laobanzhang Puerh tea” and “Banzhang tea”. Because ” Laobanzhang tea” and “Banzhang tea” are completely different concepts. “Banzhang tea” can generally refer to ancient tree tea and new tree tea other than “Old Banzhang”, including the new Banzhang, Bang He, Lao Mane, Guangbei old village and other places.

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