How to keep tea at home?

How to keep tea at home? Poor storage environment will cause the tea to deteriorate and affect our drinking. Therefore, the preservation of tea is crucial. Nowadays, basically every household prepares tea and has the habit of drinking tea, but not much can be done in terms of storage. So, in order to preserve the quality of tea, we will learn how to keep tea at home.
1. Causes of deterioration of tea.

Oxygen: Oxygen accelerates the oxidation of polyphenols in tea leaves. After brewing, the oxidized tea leaves will turn red and brown, and lose the aroma of tea leaves.

Light: First, light will increase the temperature of tea, which will accelerate the oxidation process of tea. Secondly, the light will reduce the vitamin C content in the tea, it will destroy the color and taste of the tea, and make the tea have a “day odor”.

Increased water content: The more water in the keep tea leaves, the faster the chemical reaction. The chemical reaction will cause the contents of the tea to change, so the quality of the tea is difficult to maintain, even moldy and spoiled .

Atmospheric humidity: If the humidity in the south is high, it is not enough to pack in a small blister bag, because the inner pouch of the small blister bag is not as good as before, and the freshness period is two to three months. The northern climate stays dry for longer.

Odor, microbial pollution: Tea leaves can easily absorb the odor in the air, so if there are many strange smells after the room is decorated, tea stalks etc. are often scattered to absorb the smell. Therefore, if the tea is not well sealed or exposed directly to the air, it will easily cause the tea to smell strange.

2. Common methods for keep tea.

Storage method of plastic bags and aluminum foil bags:

Choose a plastic bag that is sealed and used for food, high density, and no odor. Two-layer packaging is best. Then put it in a box or sealed air.

Metal canned storage method:

You may choose iron can, stainless steel can or dense tin can. It is best not to have seams. If it is a newly purchased jar, or a jar that has previously been stored with other items and has a taste, you can first put a little tea powder in the jar, cover it, shake it up and down, left and right, and gently discard the jar wall to discard the odor. There are two-layer stainless steel tea pots on the market, which are simple and practical. If they can be combined with clean and odorless plastic bags of tea, they can be placed in the pot and covered with a lid. It is better to use adhesive tape to seal the lid.

Metal cans containing tea should be placed in a cool place, and should not be placed in direct sunlight, odor, humidity, or heat sources. In this way, the iron cans are not easy to rust, and can also slow down the speed of tea aging and deterioration. In addition, the tin can is made of dense material, which has a good benefit on preventing moisture, oxidation, light, and odor.

Special storage room:

If conditions permit, you can put the packed tea leaves in a special storage room, there is no light in the room, there is no air convection, and the temperature is preferably below 25 degrees.

3. What should I do if the tea leaves smell bad?

You can wash the rice cooker until it is tasteless. After drying, pour the tea leaves on the porcelain plate or foil to put it into the rice cooker. The switch is cut to the insulation position. The lid is half-covered and flipped in time. About half a day, the tea leaves will be Turn the old flavor into a cooked fragrance, and it is better to crush it with your thumb. After cooling and cooling, it can be packaged and stored again. Of course, tea leaves can also be dried in a microwave oven, but the heating time is short and it is not easy to control, which easily leads to carbonization of the tea surface. The most reliable method is to invite the tea masters or tea farmers who are acquainted with it to roast.

In short, we need to do a good job in keep tea at home. It is recommended that you drink it in the short term. Don’t buy too much at a time, just buy some in moderation, so that you can make a purchase after drinking. In addition, if you want to collect tea to add value, you need to not only do the preservation work at home, but also need to know more about which tea is worth collecting when buying them.


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