What is Guhua tea

What is Guhua Tea? Many tea enthusiasts who like to drink Pu-erh tea will wonder about this issue, and will often see the mark of Guhua tea on some Pu-erh tea cakes. In fact, Guhua tea is tea picked in autumn, which is similar to the definition of Yuqian tea and Mingqian tea.
What is Valley Flower Tea.

1. Millet in the Jiangnan tea area generally blooms on the third day of the lunar calendar. Following the spring tea and second water(summer tea), the third picked tea becomes “guhua tea”.

2. The geographical characteristics of Yunnan are different from those in the Jiangnan region. In the season of “flowers fragrant in the valley” in Jiangnan, the tea mountain in Yunnan may still be in the rainy season. Therefore, the “valley tea” in the Puer tea industry in Yunnan refers to the dryland millet in Yunnan Tea from the flowering season.

Yunnan is a three-dimensional climatic feature with ten days of different days. The rainy season in tropical and subtropical regions is from May to October, and July and August are the months with the most rainfall.
Generally, tea can be picked 3 times during the autumn. The first time is after the beginning of autumn. Although it is autumn, it is still in the end of the rain. The tea picked should also belong to the category of rain tea. Early autumn tea is not picked. The degree is not enough, and it is slightly rough and astringent. The tea picked in the second and third times is the mentioned Guhua tea, so Guhua tea should also pay attention to grasping the picking time.

Therefore, in a strict sense, the Pu-erh “Guhua Tea” in Yunnan should be harvested from the end of September to the beginning of November. At that time, the weather was sunny and the temperature was mostly between 24-28 ° C, which was very conducive to floral aroma substances. Formation. In addition, at this time, the festival is full of sun, and the air humidity is low, which is the best time to process sun-hair tea.

Indica scented tea is actually autumn tea, and autumn is generally the season of picking. Due to the ripening of millet and the fragrance of scented flowers, Pu-erh tea picked at this time is called scented tea. The harvest time is from late September to early November. This is the third tea harvest after one year of relaying spring tea and second water tea. But Yunnan is different from Jiangnan. The autumn tea in Yunnan refers to the fourth picking of Pu-erh tea. The new sprouts of the tea tree this season, although the yield is small, but compared with spring tea, the taste is more mellow, the tea soup is golden and transparent, the aroma is pleasant, and the quality is very high. There is treasures in tea.

In fact, if strict requirements are used to define it: Pu-erh tea in Yunnan is mainly divided into spring tea, tea before the rain, tea after the rain, and Guhua tea and so on.

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