Gongting Puerh tea introduction

As soon as I heard the word “Gongting Puerh”, I immediately felt that the tea was taller, just like hearing the court banquet, the court snacks and the like, as if I saw the empress and the little masters in the Gongting wall. I want to go back and enjoy it. Everyone knows that the food enjoyed by the royal family must be carefully selected. According to this logic, the Puerh named after the word “court” must also be very powerful, right? Indeed, tea predecessors will tell you that the Gongting Puerh is the highest grade Puerh cooked tea. However, the Gongting Puerh must sit alone at the highest level, and it would not work if there were no strict conditions.

What kind of tea can be called “court level”?

It’s better to start with the grade of cooked Puerh. In order to meet the needs of purchasing and blending production, the loose Puerh cooked tea will be graded according to the grading standard, and the grade will be divided into court grade from high to low, seven grades of special grade, first grade, third grade, fifth grade, seventh grade, and ninth grade. Each level, the further the level is, the more sparsely the tea is. Therefore, the bud head in the raw material, that is, the most tender part of the tree, is classified as the highest court level. The bud of the cooked tea called the Gongting Puerh is small, with golden hairs, and the color is brown and red. Most of the ingredients in this level are made into loose tea, and are not pressed into cakes or bricks.

The selection criteria are similar to those chosen by the tributary royal family during the Qing Dynasty. During the Daoguang years, Ruan Fu’s “Puerh Tea” recorded Puerh Gong tea: “In February, the core is very fine and white, which is called the tip of the hair, as a tribute, and it is allowed to be sold by the people behind the tribute.” At that time, all Puerh tea from the tribute court was made from only the bud tips of high-quality Yunnan big-leaf trees. After the court picked all the tea buds, the rest were allowed to be picked and sold by the people. In the Qing Dynasty, this type of Puerh tea can only be enjoyed by the royal family, and ordinary people are basically blessed to see it. Because of this origin, the modern people named the Puerh tea grade with bud tips as the word “court”.

It is undoubtedly, the level is high, the price is high, but the Gongting Puerh is reasonably expensive. First of all, the buds of plants are significantly less than the leaves and stalks, so the raw materials of Gongting-grade Puerh buds are relatively rare. In addition, in the production process, the bud head itself does not have enough fiber for fermenting, or it is easy to “burn out” during the fermentation process, so that it is impossible to ferment alone. Therefore, “Puerh” in the strict sense is fermenting The good cooked tea is manually sieved and then picked up with tweezers.
The little freshness in the taste.

Compared with other grades of Puerh cooked tea, the taste of Gongting Puerh can be described as the small freshness in cooked tea. Due to the high level of raw materials, the Gongting Puerh will present a unique lotus aroma, which tastes delicate and delicious.

But compared with other grades of Puerh cooked tea, its bubble resistance is worse. This is mainly because the raw materials of the Gongting Puerh are all buds, and the content of the substance is not as high as that of the old tea stems and old leaves. This is one of the factors that cause the impure bubble of the court-grade Puerh cooked tea. Secondly, there are two kinds of fibers in general plants, one is xylem fiber and the other is xylem fiber. “Exterior xylem fiber” has large pores, and the material dissolves more and faster, and the buds are mainly composed of outer xylem fiber. So the contents of the court-grade cooked tea will dissolve faster and more. In addition, during the twisting process, the young tea cell membranes, vacuole membranes, etc., are more likely to rupture during twisting, and the ruptured cells are also more easily dissolved out by water. But the bubble resistance is not the most important attribute of Gongting Puerh.

When choosing tea products, tea lovers who like fresh and rich tea flavors, it is recommended to choose Puerh tea with high grade and tender materials such as Gongting Puerh; if you like high foam resistance and mellow taste, choose a relatively thick tea bowl Older grades of Puerh tea.
Proper storage will make it more mature.

The charm of Puerh tea is that it can produce changes in taste over time, but the premise of Puerh tea becoming more and more fragrant is that in addition to fine materials and high-quality craftsmanship, the correct storage method is also very critical.

Store the Gongting Puerh should choose the appropriate container. It is best to use a purple sand tank or a purple sand tank with good air permeability for the container to store the Gongting Puerh. If not, you can use a clean old water tank or rice tank, the material should be clay, and the inside can not be glazed, pay special attention to moisture during storage.

It is best to choose a building for storage, and the surrounding walls should be hardened with cement. To create a better storage environment, the humidity must be controlled within 75%. If you are in the coastal area, you should pay attention to opening windows in time for ventilation to distribute moisture.

In addition, the storage temperature of Gongting Puerh tea should be appropriate, avoid too high or too low, should be based on the local environment, without deliberately artificially creating temperature, normal indoor temperature is good, it is best to maintain 20 to 30 degrees Celsius for many years.

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