Is the fresh tea leaves drinkable?

Fresh tea has always been a traditional plant in China. With the popularization of tea, drinking tea has gradually become a kind of popular lifestyle. Many people are interested in fresh tea, but with the rise of eating tea, many people Everyone is curious about the topic of whether fresh tea can be eaten. Next, the editor will give you detailed knowledge about fresh tea.

Eating tea has also been popular in recent years. The beneficial substances in tea that are insoluble or insoluble in water can be better utilized by “eating tea”, so the tea can be eaten, but the taste may not be very good.

Can fresh tea be brewed?

Tea leaves that have not been fried are the most natural state of the tea leaves, as long as you don’t have any aversion to its grassy flavor, you may wish to drink it and chew it. It will not cause any harm. The oldest story of tea—Naturalpuerh tastes Baicao, that is, Naturalpuerh ’s mistaken use of poisonous grass, and the tea leaves will be solved when chewed. The food that chews is of course fresh tea, which has not been fried. Tea juice from fresh tea leaves in the tea area can be used to disinfect wounds. These are the experiences accumulated by tea farmers for many years.

The benefits of eating fresh tea are as follows:

1. Help digestion and relieve greasy.

The tea brewed from the tea leaves can be drunk, although the tea leaves can also be eaten, maybe the taste is not very good. It is best to eat the tea residues of freshly brewed tea. Don’t eat tea overnight, it may be spoiled and nourish other substances that are not conducive to the human body. In the past, Premier Zhou always ate the tea dregs when drinking Longjing. Fresh tea dregs were beneficial to the body’s digestion and greasy relief.

2. Anti-aging of fat-soluble substances.

The nutrients in tea include water-soluble and fat-soluble components. The fat-soluble components are insoluble in water. No matter how many times the tea is soaked, fat-soluble substances will always remain in the tea. Therefore, only by eating tea can we better absorb the nutrition of tea. The water-soluble nutrients in tea mainly include catechins, vitamin C, and amino acids; fat-soluble nutrients mainly include vitamin E, carotene, dietary fiber, minerals, and chlorophyll. Among the substances insoluble in water, vitamin E has anti-aging benefits; the tea polyphenols contained in catechin have strong benefits of eliminating oxygen free radicals and anti-aging. Therefore, eating tea is more beneficial to health than drinking tea, especially eating spring tea is better.

3. Enhance human immunity.

In recent years, studies have shown that eating tea can not only eliminate stains and lose weight, but also lower cholesterol and high blood lipids, kill leukemia cells and prevent influenza, and enhance the body’s immunity. Therefore, it is recommended to make appropriate “eat tea” to make up This flaw.

4. Processed into different foods delicious and nutritious.

The tea leaves are made into fine powder and added to various foods, such as tofu with tea, noodles with tea, cakes with tea, sweets with tea, ice cream with tea, etc. After eating these tea-containing foods, the fat-soluble vitamin nutrients contained in the tea can be obtained, and the nutritional value of the tea can be better exerted. There is a delicious dish called “Longjing Shrimp” in Hangzhou, which is made by stir-frying Longjing tea and shrimp in boiling water. This dish is red and green, eaten together with tea, delicious and more delicious. Grinding tea leaves into a very fine powder and transferring them into other foods for consumption is of great value for development and research.

Fresh tea can be eaten only if the premise is fresh. People with weak constitutions and poor stomachs should try not to eat. Have you learned to eat tea by learning the above knowledge?

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