Why drink cooked tea some time after fermentation

After listening to some senior tea makers, it is best to drink cooked tea for a few years after fermentation. What is the reason?

The essence of fermented ripe tea is the redox effect of enzymes and microorganisms. During the fermentation process, the temperature of Pu-erh tea is generally between 50 ° C and 65 ° C. Under such temperature conditions, the enzymes and microorganisms in the Pu-erh tea wool tea interact alternately, and a series of decomposition of the substances in the tea are carried out. In the transformation and synthesis reactions, the fermentation time of the ore pile increases according to the increase of the fermentation degree from low to high. The traditional ore pile fermentation time is about 10 days after 10 percent maturity, and about 70 days after 100 percent maturity.

The oxidation reaction of microorganisms and enzymes will continuously release heat, and the heap fermentation avoids the large loss of heat. The temperature under this continuous accumulation of heat will inevitably rise; and tea as a reactant of microorganisms and enzymes oxidation reaction and The most direct carrier of heat. At this time, the nature of the cooked tea is inevitably biased towards hotness.

At the same time, the higher the degree of fermentation, the more thorough the reaction, and the hotness of the freshly cooked tea tends to become hot and dry, which is why the dry and hot feeling of the highly fermented cooked tea dissipates slowly. It is inevitable that there is a feeling of dryness and heat in the freshly cooked tea, which is unavoidable under the normal fermented fermentation process, and it is accompanied by cooked tea just like piled taste.

And the dryness of freshly cooked tea can be dissipated as long as it is stored for a sufficient time, without having to waste food due to. And under certain circumstances, it is beneficial to us to drink hot tea with reasonable hotness. It is more suitable to drink cooked tea in order to dispel cold in the cold winter; Tea can have better stomach warming and nourishing effects; if it is cold in winter and coupled with spleen and stomach deficiency, cooked tea is an excellent choice for tasting.

The cooked Pu-erh tea within one year after the completion of Piling, because the “fire” brought by the Piling process is heavier, the tea is hot and hot, and the taste also has obvious off-flavors or Piling, so it is easy to drink at the beginning Feel hot or irritated.

Therefore, it is best to store the cooked Pu-erh tea for a period of time before you start tasting it. This can prevent the freshly cooked tea from being made and the tea is hot and hot, causing a dry feeling when drinking. And it can disperse the odor of oyster produced during oyster fermentation. The hot and dry flavor is dissipated, the tea soup is mellow, and the tea is mild.

If you want to drink cooked tea and avoid its dryness, you can only take the second place and choose low-fermented cooked tea with a low degree of fermentation. The low-fermented cooked tea will have a lower dryness, but The taste is naturally unavoidably a little shallow and not full-bodied.
If fresh cooked tea can be stored for a period of time, it will not only reduce the “fire” of cooked tea, but also enhance the taste of cooked tea, so that when drinking, it is not easy to have a sense of discomfort and heat, but also to obtain Why don’t you have a cup of Pu-erh tea soup that is more tender and fragrant?

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