Why is Pu-erh Tea Always Packaged with Cotton Paper?

Many tea friends may have such doubts, such as Tieguanyin, green tea have a variety of packaging. Only Pu-erh tea, which is the packaging for thousands of years, without any “innovation”, the price of Pu-erh tea, which is more expensive, is a piece of cotton paper. It seems that Pu-erh tea is slightly shabby. Why it is like this?
In fact, packaging with cotton paper is suitable for the characteristics of Pu-erh tea. Pu-erh tea is different from other teas in that it does not need to be isolated from the air. On the contrary, Pu-erh tea prefers a ventilated and dry environment, and the storage process is its “second life”.
Packed with cotton paper, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also conducive to the later aging of Pu-erh.
Cotton paper is breathable:
Compared with other tea requirements for sealing, Pu-erh tea needs a certain amount of contact with air, but it can promote later conversion. Therefore, the breathable cotton paper can meet the requirements of Pu-erh tea. It can not directly contact the air in a large area, and can reach the unsealed state. It can be said that it is the best choice for Pu-erh tea packaging.
Cotton paper is good for long-term preservation:
Pu-erh tea does not deteriorate like other teas after a while. Pu-erh tea has the characteristics of more and more fragrant, it is bought to storage. Many people buy it and put it on for a while and then drink it. The collectors may collect a piece of cake for ten or twenty years. At this time, metal cans, etc. Not very suitable.
However, cotton paper has the characteristics of long-lasting resistance. Only when it is properly preserved, even if it is put on for thirty or fifty years, the cotton paper can make the tea well preserved.
Cotton paper can absorb odor:
The adsorption of tea is very strong, especially for the odor. It will be scented if you are not careful. A good taste of a piece of cake tea can be ruined.
The cotton paper has a good function of absorbing odor, can completely isolate the odor, keep the inside of the tea cake clean, and protect the tea from being eroded by odor.
There is no shortage of tea that is packaged as “poisonous” in the market. It pays attention to the luxury of outer packaging, neglects the characteristics of tea, and often reverses the original, greatly affecting the aroma and quality of tea. High-quality tea, every detail must be carefully considered, in order to maintain the taste and aroma of it.


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