The differences between cooked Pu-erh and Black tea

Many tea enthusiasts who have just come into contact with tea have a feeling that they are unclear about cooked Pu-erh and Dian black tea. If they are classified by fermentation, they are all fermented tea. If they are divided by soup color, the difference in soup color is not. Especially big, so many new tea friends are always confused about the difference between Pu-erh cooked tea and Yunnan black tea.

In this regard, the author has compiled several methods and steps to distinguish between Cooked Pu-erh tea and Yunnan black tea. The distinction between Cooked Pu-erh tea and black tea is mainly distinguished from the aspects of appearance, craftsmanship, taste, aroma, and efficacy.
1. Shape.

The shape of ravioli is one of the dimensions that makes it easier to distinguish between Pu-erh cooked tea and black tea. Black tea mostly exists in the form of loose tea, or made into a spiral shape, such as the large leaf red snail of colorful Yunnan. Pu-erh cooked tea comes in various forms, such as loose tea, simmered tea, brick tea, and cake tea. Presumably friends who are interested in tea must have understood these contents in advance. Therefore, it is easy for new tea friends to be confused. San and Dianhong.

Old tea friends must know that most of the Dian black tea is exposed in gold, which is relatively easy to distinguish. It is very different from Pu-erh cooked powder, but there is a kind of black tea which is very similar to Pu-erh cooked powder-ancient tree black tea, ancient tree The black tea bars made from tea are thin and dark brown, and the appearance looks similar to that of Pu-erh tea cooked loose tea. Therefore, what should new tea friends do when they encounter the old tree black tea with a shape similar to Pu-erh cooked loose tea? ? At this time, two kinds of tea should be distinguished by smelling the aroma of dry tea.

In general, Dian black dry tea smells sweet and caramel. It has a strong sweetness and is much stronger than dry tea. Puer dry tea smells lighter and has a slight fragrance. The unique flavor of cooked Pu-erh tea is not as sweet as black tea. If you have the opportunity to compare the two teas together, you will have a more intuitive and obvious feeling, and the next time you smell it, you will naturally not be confused.

In addition, black tea and Cooked Pu-erh tea also have obvious differences in the internal substance. Pu-erh tea has the characteristics of getting older and more fragrant. Therefore, Cooked Pu-erh tea will age out with different storage time. The newly-made cooked tea has a strong flavor. With the aging of time, the strong flavor will gradually fade Moreover, in the subsequent transformation process, cooked tea may be aged out: aromas of jujube, Chenxiang, ginseng, camphor, lotus and other aromas. These must be treasures for the Pu-erh old tea friends. The aroma of Dian black tea does not have such a magical change, and generally shows: honey, sweet potato, caramel, and the unique sweetness of black tea.
All in all, the aroma of Pu-erh tea is relatively steady and changing, which will bring a lot of surprises to tea people, while the aroma of Dian black tea is relatively rich and high, with a sense of overflowing and flying.

For new tea friends, to thoroughly understand the difference between the aroma of Cooked Pu-erh tea and Dianhong, you have to start by understanding its production process. The production process can also help to distinguish between Pu-erh cooked tea and Dianhong. It is very good standard.

3. Crafts.

For Dian black tea, the technology is the most critical factor that makes the difference between black tea and cooked tea. From the raw materials, big leaf tea can be made into cooked Pu-erh tea or black tea. For example, colorful Yunnan Zijuan can be made into Pu-erh. Tea can also be made into black tea. The same raw materials, the key is the process.
4. Taste.

The differences in the raw materials and the manufacturing process will inevitably lead to differences in taste between Cooked Pu-erh tea and Yunnan black tea. The taste of Cooked Pu-erh tea is generally mellow, with unique cooked tea fragrance, aged cooked tea with refreshing scent, rich and smooth soup, full and rich, mild tea, and freshly cooked tea with cooked tea. It has a unique odor, commonly known as “seafood”. Dian black tea has a smooth and delicate taste, full texture, and a mild and mellow tea, suitable for regular drinking, and suitable for all ages.


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