4 Tips to choose Puerh

Now more and more people choose Puerh tea to maintain the health, because Puerh tea has the benefits of weight loss, beauty, health care and so on. Nowadays, there are many shops selling Puerh tea both online and offline. Puerh’s hot sales lead to defective products and fakes. How do we buy Puerh tea? Here are four ways to buy Puerh tea.

1. Don’t think that the older the better. How to choose Puerh tea? Some people say that the longer the age, the better. In fact, “the age can only be used as a reference, you can’t believe it.” Puerh raw tea has a history of hundreds of years, but the first batch was matured by artificial (piling) post-fermentation technology. The tea was produced by the factory in 1973. “Therefore, most of the Puerh cooked teas on the market for more than 35 years are counterfeit.”

Don’t believe forged packaging. Consumers should pay attention to whether the price and the age of the tea and the packaging are reasonable when choose Puerh tea. For example, decades of old tea are now scarce, but how much is needed in the market; red ink tea is also very precious, but The so-called “red seal” wholesale in the market is very cheap. How can this be genuine? “The Puer tea, which is not logical in its age, price, and packaging, and the quotation is not in line with market conditions, consumers should not try to buy cheaply, so as not to Be deceived”.

2. Don’t just look at the color of the soup. As long as Puerh raw tea is stored in a clean, well-ventilated space, and slowly fermented, even after 50 or 100 years, the soup color of the tea is still impossible to turn black or turbid. It is absolutely rosy, and the color changes from golden to red. Therefore, if the seller sells tea with “the soup color is deep, it is old tea”, consumers should not believe it.

3. Don’t believe the added flavor. “The only taste of Puerh raw tea is the camphor scent, and the old Puerh taste is old. The better way to distinguish Puerh cooked tea is to make tea products with less fermenting and the shorter the autoclave time, the better.” Yang Qingxian said that if the tea has a musty and other odor, it is already moldy tea or poor quality tea.

4. Don’t think that the older the leaf species, the better. Nowadays, many consumers think that big leaf tea is wild. Carefully observe that if the leaves are large, flat, and thin, they must not be wild species, but artificially planted under the demand of a certain commercial interest. The real Puerh tea in Yunnan is free of fertilizers and pesticides. So consumers should never be superstitious about the age and types of tea.

Introduce the above four methods for how to choose Puerh tea, I hope everyone will keep it in mind. Yunnan Puerh tea is currently a hot product, so it is also true that it is fake and good, so it is necessary to distinguish it. At the same time, as a tea merchant, it is also necessary to choose reputable, word-of-mouth, and branded tea companies to carry out relevant cooperative business when carrying out Puerh tea wholesale.


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