How to buy tea

Answering this question is simple, but difficult to buy tea. Because tea and tea are different, and people are different, there is a difference between south and north, and there are changes in spring and autumn. As a special commodity, tea has very different selection scales among different consumer groups. Different teas have different methods of selection, and even the purchase of each type of tea will be different. Therefore, only by understanding the characteristics of tea types and various aspects of information, can you buy good tea.

Buy tea depends on the characteristics of tea.

When buying tea, the quality of the tea is very important. It can be said that no matter what kind of tea is sold in the market for a long time, the quality of the tea (material, tea content, production, storage, strips, tea soup, taste and other comprehensive) is the first condition, otherwise it is short-lived. Then when we buy tea, we need to make a comprehensive identification based on the systematic knowledge of the tea you want to buy. If you are a little white tea, take the method of asking, watching, drinking, and comparing to choose the tea in your heart.

Buy tea depends on the tea brand.

The brand of tea is also very important. The tea we usually buy is basically packaged. Unlike some loose teas, you can see the color of the tea and smell the taste of the tea. There are many tea brands on the market. It is difficult to distinguish between good and bad tea, which requires us to choose according to the praise of the tea, the size and strength of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, well-known brands, tea from large manufacturers, and tea are reliable, and the quality will not be too bad. Because, there is a reason why people are doing big and doing well. The brand is there, regardless of quality and price, and the possibility of fraud is very small. So it is basically right to choose a big brand.

Buy tea depends on popularity.

Highly-recognized tea leaves are usually not too bad, especially those that have passed the market for many years, have a good reputation, and have a very high market share, are relatively reliable. For example, the classic 58 in black tea is very famous. The quality is also very good; for example, Puerh tea’s raw tea 7542, cooked tea 7590, these teas have been tested by the market for many years, and their quality and popularity are very high, as long as such tea passes through formal channels, basically all Buy with confidence.

Buy tea depends on tea soup, leaf bottom and tea making process.

Buy tea, you must watch, ask, smell, taste, and finally start later. The tea will eventually appear in the tea soup and the leaf bottom due to the raw materials, manufacturing process, storage, and transportation. Then, not only to see and smell, but also to taste it in person, so the series is synthesized and the tea you buy Only relatively reliable, if you just listen to the boss who sells tea and buys it there, you are probably fooled.

Therefore, when we buy tea, we must not only rely on external forces, objective factors, but also practice internal skills and master the knowledge of the system, so that we can buy reliable tea. Generally speaking, no matter whether it is Xiaobai tea or senior tea veterans, when choosing tea, they must make judgments and respond to them according to the situation on the spot. As for whether you like it or not, okay, whether you can buy it or not is entirely up to you!


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