4 Tips to buy Puerh tea online

For those who like tea, they always buy Puerh tea online and pour it over, and can’t drink it. If you consume it every day, you always want to try every tea, and often tear down this cake and tear down that cake; when you collect it, of course, it is a complete piece and it is stored together.

However, no matter what the original intention is to start, the storage of Puerh tea must be paid attention to, otherwise you will have to say byebye to the beloved good tea if you are not careful.
Everyone knows that Puerh tea has a strong ability to absorb moisture and odor. Therefore, moisture and odor are the major enemy of tea quality, and it is easy to deteriorate Puerh tea. In addition, high temperature and strong light can also make Puerh tea worse. Before understanding how to store tea, let’s take a look at the four key points that affect the quality of tea: moisture, dryness, light and temperature.

1.Moisture is the solvent that promotes the chemical change reaction of tea components. The more moisture, the more significant the diffusion and interaction of the beneficial ingredients in the tea. The Puerh tea will deteriorate when it absorbs moisture to a certain extent.

2.The dried Puerh tea has a strong adsorption capacity and can easily absorb various odors. If the storage method is slightly improper, it will quickly lose the flavor of Puerh tea itself. If you mix tea with odorous items, such as perfume, tobacco, alcohol, food, etc., the tea will be contaminated within a short time, which will affect the quality, embarrassing the entrance, and discomfort.

3.Tea leaves are sensitive to light. Under the irradiation of light, tea pigments and lipid substances are prone to photochemical reactions, and green tea gradually loses its green color and becomes dark brown. At the same time, the light is also easy to increase the temperature and accelerate the deterioration.

4.During the storage of tea, the higher the temperature, the faster the oxidative degradation of the substances contained in the tea, and the faster the deterioration of the tea.
The spoiled Puerh tea showed dry tea, tea soup, and leaf background color darkened, the aroma was mildew, and the taste was light. After drinking it, the body was very resistant, and it was unacceptable to throw it away. So friends, for this “tragic” incident, while the tea I just bought is still intact, let’s start to prevent it from the root cause.

Speaking of which, buy Puerh tea online is much easier to store than other teas. It only needs to be stored in a naturally ventilated environment, but natural storage is by no means blindly ventilated.
The premise of natural storage is relatively sealed, that is, sealed mainly, ventilated regularly to eliminate peculiar smell.
Sealing can cut off moisture, light and odor to a certain extent. It is relatively simple for Puerh tea made into bamboo shoots, and it can be installed without disassembling the carton and large purple sand pot. But if it is a single cake, especially buy Puerh tea online has been disassembled, it needs to be sealed in a food bag and packed in a container such as a tea pot.


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