Yiwu Bow Ancient Tree Tea Features

The taste of Yiwu bow ancient tree tea is not only sweet in the Yiwu tea area, but also unique and soft. The first few bubbles are high, the water is fine, the sweetness is soft, and about 4 bubbles will start to show strong and powerful. The rhyme of the wild flowers in the mountains, the turning point in the rhyme, with the tension of the wild, this is a unique place where the bow is different from the other hills of Yiwu. Today, let’s take a look at the ancient tree tea that Yiwu bow.

It has always been the case that the Banzhang is king and Yi Wu is the queen. Said Yiwu, had to say the three major Yao villages: bow, windy village, Tongqing River. The bow village was once one of Yiwu’s most prosperous stockades, and even has the largest temples than the six largest tea mountains. Today, only the wreckage is broken, the grass is overgrown, and it is cold and desolate. There are two kinds of sayings about the decline of the bow. One is that it is popular. The second is that it is a national fight. It is estimated that the bruise is so heavy that it has not been revived. Now it is the ancient tea garden where the destruction is more serious, and even the tea forest is not seen. It is the desolateness of these centuries that has also made the arched ecology very good. There is no excessive abuse. Also escaped the extinction of cutting trees. Let’s drink the ultimate good tea today.

On the ancient road of the Tea Horse, there were more than 400 households in the past, and it was the largest stockade in Manzan. The bow village is divided into Han nationality village and Hui nationality village. The Hui nationality village has a mosque, and the Han nationality is covered with a temple. The Guandi Temple, which is a curved bow, is the largest temple in the six major tea mountains. It covers an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters and is built entirely of cypress wood. It is the most beautiful building of the six major tea mountains. The curved bow Guandi Temple is now only a ruined wall, which is embarrassing.

Yiwu bow ancient tree tea garden:

In history, the bow was once the most prosperous stockade in Yiwu tea mountain. The three great fires in history burned down the ancient tea trees with many bows, which seriously damaged the ancient tea gardens. Nowadays, there is no way to see the ancient tea gardens. Fortunately, the ancient tea trees that have been preserved are rare, but the age of the trees is relatively large, basically more than 500 years.

Dazhai was once the core area of ​​the ancient Mansa City tea area. According to the local old people, before the Xianfeng Year of the Qing Dynasty, the Mansala Village was densely populated and the population was over 10,000. The Dazhai and Mansa Old Streets were once Yiwu Mountain. The two prosperous two stockades can only imagine the prosperity of the year from the ruin of the Dazhai Guandi Temple. Later, the bow Dazhai gradually declined, gradually faded out of the sight of the tea people. The ancient tea garden of the curved bow was seriously damaged and burned too much. It is no longer possible to see a forest.

For the time being, I don’t talk about the history of Dazhai. From the tea people picking such a good tea from the tens of meters high trees and then transporting it from the mountains, this kind of link is really very hard! The mountain road can only be transported by motorcycle.

The bow ancient tree tea grows at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level. There are four seasons like spring, high mountains and rains, high altitudes and wild mountains and mountains. The year-round is sparsely populated, the world is less ugly, the original forest is old trees, the free wilderness is extensive, and the bend is guaranteed to the utmost. The original ecological quality of the ancient tree of the bow! With a unique original forest atmosphere, the early spring breath is strong. The soup is thick and full, and the softness of Yiwu Mountain is better. The throat has long lasting and good stability. Because of its age, the bow ancient tea also reflects an irreplaceable alcohol and degree. This alcohol is very refreshing and is the best in ancient tea!

For the bow tree ancient tea, it is one of the most expensive places in Yiwu tea. Every piece of tea picked here must overcome the mosquitoes, overcome the loneliness, overcome the tiredness, and climb over the forest that covers the sky. Crossing the overturned river of the Bow River, and then driving the motorcycle to risk your life on the slippery forest path, and finally to show this little mountain essence in front of the tea drinker. What more helpless is that this dense mountain does not have tea everywhere. It is necessary to turn another mountain beam to find another concentrated tea garden. Because there are few, there are good, plus it is difficult to get the real thing, so naturally give the bow noble. Tea price is the most appropriate reason.

The characteristics of Yiwu bow ancient tree tea:

Yiwu Bow tribute is sweet and delicious, with high sweetness and pureness. The entrance is highly preserved and the tea soup has a good texture. The soft tea is soft and beautiful, the soup is clear and bright, the sweet and sour water is sweet, it is refreshing, and it is strong. It is a curved tree ancient tea with its unique tea quality and special aroma. The ancient tea tree of Yiwu Bend Arch Dazhai virgin forest has a unique original forest atmosphere. This tea is also very irresistible in terms of age. This alcohol is very refreshing and can be called Yiwu. It is the best in pu-erh.

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