Which is better, Banzhang or Iceland?

There is no absolute good or bad for each tea. In the past, it was true that Banzhang was the king and Yiwu was the queen, but that was all told about the six ancient tea mountains in Gangnei. Icelandic tea is grown with Yiwu tea as the mother tree, and it is also a kind of tea. Unique flavor.

Icelandic Puerh Tea and Laoban Zhang Puerh Tea are good or bad, mainly depends on what kind of taste you like. One tastes heavy and the other is soft.

Banzhang is located in Menghai, Jinghong. The taste is heavy, and the bitterness returns to sweetness and watering quickly. The taste changes quickly. The change of tea soup in the mouth feels very violent. Relatively speaking, there are more men who like Puerh tea. I have been drinking Puerh tea from Naturalpuerh Tea Workshop, and I feel very good. Now also chatting with their tea from time to time, benefiting a lot.

Iceland is located in Mengku, Lincang. The taste is sweet, bitter and light, and it lasts for a long time. The tea soup is very flat at the entrance, and then the mouth will be filled with cool tea. Compared with Lao Ban Zhang, Iceland feels softer.

Both of them are highly fragrant. This fragrance does not mean that it smells, but a taste aroma that is fully fused with tea soup. Not to mention tea gas, it is this fragrance that can overshadow many other old trees in the village. Because this is the spring tea before Ming this year, the aroma is better than in other seasons, but the tea aroma is not obvious. According to the experience of previous years, after the Banzhang became a cake, he could obviously feel its domineering about half a year, and there were also new teas, but the performance was insufficient. Iceland is actually a tea with strong tea flavor, but it feels more restrained, and it is easy to make people drunk tea unconsciously. In short, it is difficult to be the king of tea without braking power and feeling.

When it comes back to sweetness, it’s a very strong tea. After drinking it, the whole mouth was full of health. It was a very good feeling. It was not until the evening that I drank another old brown tree, which cut off this feeling.

Besides the bitterness, all the teas are low bitterness, and the sweetness is higher. The Laobanzhang should be the representative of the Bulang Mountain sweet tea department. Iceland is famous for the rock sugar rhyme, but the sweetest tea I have ever tasted should still be Yiwu. Ma Hei, the sweetness mentioned here does not mean back to sweet. After soaking the two for 10 minutes, the magic of the tea in Banzhang suddenly increased, but the bitterness hardly increased, while the bitterness in Iceland increased significantly. After boring, I changed the boiling water and continued to brew. The taste is still good. They Both have high foam resistance.

Banzhang and Iceland taste good, this is really not easy to say, one is the representative of Puerh tea in Lincang area, and the other is the representative of Bengmeng tea area, it is your taste, what you like, but to be honest, it is too difficult on the market Found really pure material.

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