Why is Banzhang King?

In the world of tea, perhaps there is no tea like Puerh, which has an ever-changing taste and charm, all of which are Yunnan big leaf species, all with the same craftsmanship and the same 357 grams, but after dismantling the cotton paper, In the moment of boiling water, it can transform a variety of aromas and flavors, or domineering, or sweet, or simple, or heavy. Once upon a time, “Banzhang is king, Jing Mai is queen”, “Ban Zhang is king, The argument that “Yi Wu is the queen” is endless. However, as time went on, people who knew Puerh gradually discovered that there was nothing softer than real Icelandic old tree tea. Thus, the saying “Banzhang is king, Iceland is later” flourished.

Return of the class chapter without talking about tea.

“May returns without looking at the mountains, Banzhang returns without talking about tea.” This evaluation is enough to highlight its status in the minds of tea people. Speaking of the old Banzhang, anyone who knows Puerh will say two words-“Domineering”! Indeed, Lao Banzhang belongs to the generous school in the Puerh tea family. It is full of tea, heavy in pain, and good in sweetness. At the same time, its aroma is also first-class. It matches its dominant style and has a resounding texture.

People’s interpretation of the emperor is often not the emperor Fengya with high artistic attainments like Song Huizong Zhao Ji, but the domineering heroes like Qin Shihuang, Han Wu emperor, Genghis Khan, Nurhachi who are all over the world and pointing the rivers and mountains, perhaps not gentle enough, but that dignity The aura of gas can make the world awe. For Lao Banzhang, the turbulent tea flavor and aroma are enough to make it worthy of the honor of “King of Puer”!
Therefore, drinking tea from Lao Banzhang, like singing Dongpo’s words, should not use a small bowl or throw a little tea. Instead, use a rough bowl or even a large teapot and pour it in boiling water. As for the wronged and generous atmosphere of Lao Banzhang, so that he can fully stretch his mind and give full play to its kingly spirit, we can really drink the feeling and drink the “going to the east of the river, scouring out all the waves, and the ancient characters” Be bold and imposing.
Clear Iceland is the future.

When it comes to the queen, people will naturally think of the words “behavior and softness”. The main reason why Icelandic tea is hailed as “after Puerh” is that it is tea-like in nature, fragrant, soft and pure. The Icelandic tea soup is golden and bright, revealing a feminine translucent and soft temperament, the tea fragrance is clear and rich and unique, sweet taste, light bitterness, very resistant to foam, the leaf bottom is soft and bright, like a fairy, close to you people.

According to legend, in the 21st year of aging in the Ming Dynasty (1485), a toast from Shuangjiang brought back more than 200 tea seeds from the Banna ancient tea area, and cultivated more than 150 plants in Iceland. It has survived for about 500 years. There are also legends that they were imported from other places, but no matter what the truth is, the tea tree, like Princess Wencheng entered Tibet, breeds on this isolated land in Iceland and gradually becomes the Queen of Puerh.

If Banzhang is a bold school in Puerh tea, then Iceland is a veritable and graceful school. Drinking Icelandic tea should also create such a low-key soft atmosphere, quiet living room, it is most suitable to use a delicate white porcelain cover bowl, and the water temperature does not need to use boiling water, so Icelandic tea slowly overflows the contained tea flavor, taste the “streamer” It’s easy to throw people, red cherry, green banana” extraordinary.
Banzhang and Iceland, one domineering, one graceful. Banzhang is masculine and domineering; Iceland is soft and beautiful, but no one will say which one is the best. As far as the whole Puerh tea family is concerned, it’s the same reason. There are different styles and loved ones. Nowhere can Puerh tea win everyone’s crowd, and no one will reject all Puerh tea. Everyone can always find Which one belongs to you may be the ultimate secret of Puerh tea becoming more and more popular!


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