One mill ancient trees tea features

A cup of tea in One mill village is more individual in the Yiwu tea area. The tea soup entrance is soft and waxy, and has a rich sense of hierarchy. One mill ancient trees tea garden is located in a virgin forest, and its output is relatively small compared to other tea areas in Yiwu. It is the top ancient tea area of ​​Yiwu, which has only been discovered in recent years. Not many people know it. So what are the characteristics of one mill ancient tree tea? Let ’s take a look together.
The origin of the name “One Mill” was that when the villagers of Paxi River went to look for ancient tea trees in the forest (about 2000-2003), they found the old traditional soybean milk mill in a deserted ancient tea garden. At that time, there were two mills, but one was broken, and only one was intact, so the villagers later called this place one mill. The tea produced in this place and direction is called a “one mill”.
One mill ancient tea garden is very remote. You need to ride a motorcycle to go to the mountain road from the village to the tea garden. The motorcycle is an essential means of transportation for tea farmers’ homes. It takes three to four hours from the village to the ancient tea garden. Road motorcycles can’t get in, you have to walk, the mountain road is winding and rugged, showing that tea is hard to come by.

One mill ancient tea garden is rarely connected into a single piece. Most of it is scattered in the middle of the virgin forest and a piece of west. A milled ancient tree tea is generally small in area and its output is not large. The ancient tea garden is in the virgin forest. The ancient tea tree does not grow very tall by itself, but the age of the tree is calculated in hundreds of years. Therefore, it is unreasonable to calculate the age of the ancient tea tree according to whether it is tall or not.

One mill ancient trees tea has the most typical tea characteristics of Mansa tea area, thick soup, dark fragrance, strong hanging cups, dense and stable soup, high sweetness, quick return to sweetness and long-lasting. In terms of “thickness”, a milled water can not be more suitable. It is in sharp contrast with the “feel” of hemp black.
An aging ancient tree tea after aging, the fragrance of Burmese osmanthus, the fragrance of dried camphor and dried fruit, the golden and translucent tea soup, the luster “like oil instead of soup”, the texture of the sand is obvious, and the flavor is rich and full. A grinder made seriously is very prominent and must be used.

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