Ancient tree cooked tea advantages

In recent years, the ancient tree cooked tea has been popular in the Pu-erh tea market, attracting the attention of the industry. At the same time, some tea friends are wondering, what are the advantages of the ancient trees cooked tea over ordinary cooked tea?
The ancient tree cooked tea, as the name suggests, is the cooked tea made by fermentation of ancient tree tea raw materials. The leaves of the ancient tree tea are stronger than those of the platform tea. The texture of the leaf leather is obvious, the veins are clear, and the contents are richer.

First of all, there is a big difference between the old and ordinary cooked teas in appearance. The color and lustre of the old ripe tea are oily and light, and the bars are thick and even; the appearance of ordinary cooked tea is relatively lacking, the bars are finely broken, and the oil is relatively low.

Second, the two are also different in taste performance. The tea soup of the ancient cooked tea is full and full, the bottom of the tongue is refreshed, the throat is sweet, the throat is smooth, the abdomen is warm, and the gelatinous texture is obvious; and the ordinary cooked tea is thin and light in tea flavor.

Thirdly, in terms of tea aroma, the ancient tree ripe tea itself has a relatively obvious aroma. After fermentation, the aroma is converted into elegant orchid, honey, and lotus; Puer cooked tea has not changed, and it is always one of the cooked teas. It’s kind of ripe incense.

Finally, the ancient tree cooked tea retains the most prominent feature of the ancient tree tea, “foam resistance”, which is the only feature that distinguishes whether a cooked tea is an ancient tree cooked tea.

Therefore, from the perspective of tasting, ancient tree cooked tea has unparalleled advantages in terms of appearance, taste, tea aroma, foam resistance and other advantages.

However, many tea friends have raised new questions. The ancient tree tea is so expensive and the consumption of fermented cooked tea is so large. Will there really be an old tree cooked tea in the market?
The answer is yes. Ancient tree cooked tea is not as out of reach as you think. On the one hand, in addition to spring tea and cereal tea, there are also raw materials for summer tea; on the other hand, not all mountain ancient tree tea prices are ridiculously high!

In addition, with the current fermentation technology, there is almost no high risk in making cooked tea. Therefore, don’t be scared when you hear “ancient tree”!

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