5 Tips to Pu-erh tea drinking

Pu-erh tea drinking has a wide range of knowledge and different physiques. Pu-erh tea drinking will have different reactions. Some tea friends have some misunderstandings about Pu-erh tea and have a lot of taboos against drinking Pu-erh. Today we will debunk these rumors together.

1. Can’t drink Pu-erh new tea?
From a historical point of view, the cooked tea of ​​Pu-erh tea was invented in the late period of the Cultural Revolution. The previous Pu-erh tea was all raw tea. The emperor of the Qing Dynasty mainly used to drink the spring tip of the year. It is clear at a glance whether the newborn tea can be drunk.
Of course, we said that the newly processed Pu-erh tea is not ideal in terms of taste and tea flavor. It is better to drink the tea stored for months.

2. Menstrual period and pregnant women can not drink?
This source is mainly because of the benefit of caffeine. For ancient trees, this benefit is much smaller, as long as the amount is not large, there will be no impact. If you are afraid of the influence of caffeine, there is a way to try. It is recommended that pregnant women should not drink the first three bubbles, and drink the latter. Because caffeine dissolves faster than tea polyphenols, the first three bubbles have dissolved most of the caffeine, while tea polyphenols are released more slowly and evenly. The following bubbles are still nutritious.

Pu-erh cooked tea has an excellent benefit on increasing appetite and eliminating puffiness of pregnant women, but the principle is to drink it in moderation, which has a positive benefit. Especially old ripe tea has the benefit of adjusting qi and blood. It also has a good conditioning benefit for women with impotence in the palace and lack of menstruation. Although there is no strict scientific argument, there are many examples of this in the practice of tea friends.

3. Does autumn tea taste bad?
Drinking Guhua tea is the tradition of Pu-erh tea drinking. Some people’s concerns come from the pesticide problem of autumn tea, but for ancient trees, these can be avoided, so they are not listed here.
In terms of tea quality, autumn tea is not necessarily bad. Some autumn teas and spring teas have a relatively large difference in quality. Some autumn teas and spring teas are similar in quality, and some autumn teas and spring teas have more characteristics. Everyone can pay attention to screening in practice. It is worth noting that according to the characteristics of autumn tea, it is adjusted in terms of craftsmanship and storage, and it is entirely possible that amazing varieties will appear.

4. Fear of insomnia, can’t drink?
This is the influence of caffeine again, the influence of Pu-erh cooked tea will be much smaller. Except for individuals who are extremely sensitive to caffeine, most people drink Pu-erh cooked tea has no benefit on sleep. On the contrary, because Pu-erh tea has the benefit of dredge the human body and makes people relax deeply, many people will feel like they want to fall asleep after drinking. Especially for those who have been fatigued for a long time and are not easy to relax, this phenomenon is particularly obvious. And if the person with a dizzy and depressed mood, the mental state will improve after drinking. This two-way regulation is one of the charms of Pu-erh tea.

5. Fear of calcium deficiency can not drink?
This view is due to the chelation of tea polyphenols and metal ions. In fact, instead of causing calcium loss, Pu-erh tea drinking can prevent osteoporosis. The latest research by Australian researchers shows that drinking tea can reduce the occurrence of bone loss and osteoporosis. The research results are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers in Taiwan have found that drinking an average of two cups of tea a day for at least six years will help strengthen bones. Relevant research shows that the benefit of tea polyphenols in tea has a certain similarity with estrogen, which may be able to fight the loss of bone mass. Professor Shao Wanfang of Yunnan Agricultural University studied Pu-erh tea in rats and found that there was no change in the blood calcium level during the three-month observation period.

The above content is shared here. Pu-erh tea drinking is also a habit. Different physiques are suitable for drinking different teas. How to drink tea during the day depends on whether the individual can accept it. Knowledge is about sharing.

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